Dragon Quest XI - Turn-Based Battles with a Modern Twist

Turn-Based Battles with a Modern Twist

DRAGON QUEST XI’s turn-based battle system eases players into combat with an accessible experience that features mechanics simple enough for the novice but with enough depth to satisfy hardcore fans.

The heroes have a mix of melee & magic attacks at their disposal; use these wisely to ensure victory!

Freshen up your squad with an occasional substitution, and try to find the perfect combination to take down particularly tricky monsters.

Dragon Quest XI - Side Quests

Side Quests

Take a break from the main story to undertake some of the many side quests available in DQXI.

Your Quest Catalogue will be your guide to browsing completed quests and those still underway.

Be a hero, help those in need, and be rewarded in kind for your efforts!

Dragon Quest XI - Pep System

Pep System

When a character gets pepped up, they'll gain bonuses to several of their attributes. Don't rush to use your pep powers straight away, or those beautiful bonuses will go to waste!

When more than one party member is pepped up, they can work together to unleash incredible collaborative attacks known as pep powers.

Dragon Quest XI - Free-Form Fighting

Free-Form Fighting

If you set the Battle Mode to Free-Form Fighting, you'll be able to move the camera during battles, and position your party members where you please when it's their turn to act.

Spells, abilities and attacks won't be affected by where the user is standing, so feel free to place people wherever you think looks best!

Dragon Quest XI - Classic Camera

Classic Camera

The only thing you'll have to worry about in battle is picking the right spells and abilities, as the camera will take care of itself.

And don't worry—your attacks won't do any more or less damage than in Free-Form Fighting mode, so your combat capabilities aren't affected.

Dragon Quest XI - Character Builder

Character Builder

The Character Builder is where you can use skill points to teach your party members new spells and abilities, and also improve their attributes.

When you unlock a particular panel, the ones surrounding it will become available, expanding your options ever further.

Think carefully about what to unlock when, and work your way toward the ultimate abilities!

Dragon Quest XI - Camping


No adventure would be complete without a night or two spent sleeping under the stars.

Camping will allow your party to recover all their HP and MP just as a stay at an inn would, but for the fabulous price of free!

You can also record your progress by praying at a sacred statue, and some campsites even have their own merchants.